The Taldan Claim

Avendale Prison Break

One of Samara's spies has been in Avendale for almost a year, but we haven't heard from them in months. They were sent to undermine the military atheist regime with rumors that the government's "atheism" was really just suppressing other faiths in service of Gorum, the god of war. In order to reestablish contact with the spy, the party sneaks into Avendale, with Aldeberan playing the role of Pritchard the poultry merchant, Ktihdi pulls the cart, and Samara and Narsius play his guards.

At the border, the guards give the party a 7 day visa that allows them to travel to the capital and back, without deviating from the marked roads. They take the proscribed course to the capital, and arrive unmolested. In the capital, they go to an inn that the spy mentioned in her communications with Kallasport. After cagey introductions, the innkeep tells them that the spy hasn't been seen for a few weeks, and that they fear she was arrested. He offers to introduce them at a resistance meeting the next night, where they can plan a prison break.

However, the party has their own plan. They sneak over to the prison that very night. Ktihdi easily climbs the walls, then drops a rope for the others. They follow her up, dispose of a few guards, and make their way into the prison. Samara takes out several more guards with her crossbow, and they make it down to the third floor. Samara shoots another of the patrolling guards, and before the other guard can turn around, Aldeberan is impersonating the fallen patrolman. Aldeberan lures the remaining guard into crossbow range, and with that, they are in the clear.

They quickly find the spy, huddled in her cell, beaten and malnourished. Barely conscious, she is strapped to Ktihdi's back. Down the hall, the other prisoners are clamoring from release, nad the party obliges them. With 60 freed prisoners in tow, the party creeps back upstairs. Aldeberan creates an illusory fire down the hall to lure away some guards, and they make their break. As they cross the prison yard, guards begin to fire down from the walls and form a line in front of the gate. Samara returns fire to the wall guards, and Ktihdi bowls into the line of guards, while Aldeberan quickly heals those who have been shot. The line of guards doesn't last long against the party with their mass of prisoners, and soon they are out the gate.

The party decides to leave town that night before news can spread. Ktihdi leaves separately, as she is too recognizable, climbing over the city walls and making her way home through the forest. The rest of the party leaves on Pritchard's cart, selling a few of their birds to the innkeep on their way out. 


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