The Taldan Claim

Meeting with Elves

We rejoin our group as they move up the Sellen River to Kyonin. Showing their letter of introduction at the border and with Ktihdi speaking on their behalf, the group is admitted into Iadara, the elven capital. Narsius and Aldeberan are the first humans to enter the city in decades.

They are brought to the throne room for an audience with Queen Telandia Edasseril to speak of the legendary Elven Heir. The Queen is cagey at first, but after Aldeberan convinces her that their interest is wholesome, she reveals that the legend is true: thousands of years ago, a Taldan prince and Osiriani princess hid with the elves, and their great-great-grandson still lives (thanks to some healthy elven intermarriage). Not only does he live, but he is also her nephew, and a potential heir to the elven throne, making his legendary moniker all the more accurate.

The queen tells them that the heir grew up in the elven court, but recently he has been out in the world, building his claim and investigating Chelish attacks in Ustalav. Last she heard, he was in the River Kingdoms, planning on building a new town on the shores of the Kallas Lake. After quick farewells and a bit of shopping, the group rejoins the river and heads east, to the River Kingdoms.

They find the heir nailing boards together in the foundation of the first building on the north shore of the Kallas Lake. He is introduced as Dormarion Setoanbou, founder of Kallasport, king of The Commonwealth, and claimant to the thrones of Taldor, Osirion, and Kyonin.

Lion Blades Go North

Our party is Aldeberon the human bard, Samara the catfolk assassin, Narsius the human alchemist, and Ktihdi the giant intelligent spider tremorgraphist (telegraph with webs) and budding bloodrager.

You have each been contacted by a particular member of the Lion Blades, the espionage and diplomatic wing of the aging Taldan empire.

Three of you are freshly trained recruits of the Lion Blades, about to be sent on your first mission from Kerian, your commanding officer and trainer. One of you is a tremorgraphist from the elven capital of Iadara, visiting her sister at the Bardic College in Oppara.

Kerian meets with her three recruits to brief them on their mission: go to the elven kingdom to find a husband for the princess Eutropia, who is currently having trouble getting confirmed as heir by the senate. The husband in question is rumored to be the descendant of a Taldan prince from the golden age of the empire, and his association to those glory days may be enough to bring the senate around to recognizing the first official female heir it has ever seen.

Kerian and her recruits then meet with Ktihdi, a large intelligent spider (Liante) who works as a tremorgraphist (telegraph but with spider webs) in the elven capital to serve as a local guide when they reach the elven kingdom of Kyonin. After some discussion of terms, Ktihdi agrees, and she and the 3 recruits embark.

The first leg of the journey is over the sea and uneventful. The assassin and the bard trade stories with the sailors, and the alchemist and the spider discuss and collaborate on web-based alchemy. The second leg of the journey is up the Sellen River, and here they run into trouble as a griffon (primary predator of the Lianter) swoops in to attack Ktihdi. While Ktidhi is seriously wounded, she is kept alive by the bard while the entire boat collaborates to slay the griffon. Poison from Ktihdi, a firebomb from the alchemist, and a fatal bolt from the assassin’s crossbow eventually win the day. The next few days are spent divvying up the griffon’s corpse, with the assassin making tokens of the feathers, the alchemist harvesting organs, everyone trying griffon steaks, and Ktihdi pickling the rest.

The brief overland portion was interrupted by night-time run in with faux-border agents (basically bandits). This was resolved semi-peacefully by a tactical appearance by our beloved enormous spider Ktihdi magically stage-lit by the eternal showman Aldeberon, with a parting shot from the incorrigible hunter Samara. With the rapscallions routed, the party reaches another navigable section of the Sellen River, and sails the rest of the way to Kyonin.

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