The Taldan Claim

A Dinner with Exiles
The Trip to Gralton

The city of Gralton is made up of exiles from the 30 year revolution in Galt. The ruling council and mayor are split over whether to wait the revolution out, reintegrate with Galt diplomatically, or invade (and what to do with the revolutionaries once they're back). Dormarion sends the party (who are by now the core of his council) to Gralton to offer aid in reclaiming their homeland if they will join the Commonwealth.

The group meets with the governor of Gralton, who is willing to join the Commonwealth, but can't act without support of the council. During a meeting with the council, divisions between the councilors become clear, and the party is asked to return tomorrow while the council finds a position they can agree on.

That evening, a messenger from Kallasport informs the group that Lord Tarne (a Gralton noble) has 500 men and plans to march on Galt in a matter of days. The men are under-equipped and poorly trained, with no chance of successfully retaking Galt. Dormarion asks the party to stop this invasion from taking place.

The party spends the night spying on Halidan Tarne and the more warlike council members after Tarne's letters reveal that he is allied with one of the councilors. They discover plans for a secret meeting that very night, at the Black Gardens. The party formulates a plan to incapacitate Tarne with a poison, then Aldeberan will impersonate him at the midnight meeting.

Aldeberan casts Alter Self as he enters the meeting, where he finds the councilor with a priestess of Calistria and a hired assassin. The councilor reveals that the assassin was hired to kill several other members of the council, then pin it on Galt. Aldeberan decides to pay the assassin to kill the party first, in the hopes they can ambush him in their rooms. The assassin agrees, then receives a blessing of Calistria to guide his hand in vengeance.

Back at the inn, the rest of the party is uncomfortable with the plan, but knowing the assassin is coming anyway, they decide to make the best of it. They lay down traps in the room, with Aldeberan in the hallway as lookout, Narsius hiding in a corner, Ktihdi on the ceiling, and Samara on the roof of the next building over.

The assassin creeps in, immediately steps on Samara's caltrops and is quickly overwhelmed by attacks from all sides. Despite the divine rage guiding his hand, the assassin is  subdued and even convinced to join the Commonwealth intelligence service. 

With Caldwell the assassin in tow, the party goes to speak to the council the next day and sees the conspirators arrested and the city of Gralton admitted to the Commonwealth. What's more, on their way out, a young halfling approached Ktihdi asking to become her squire. Dormarion knighted Ktihdi upon their return, making her the first knight of the Commonwealth, and responsible for the first squire of the Commonwealth, Eora Proudfoot.

Avendale Prison Break

One of Samara's spies has been in Avendale for almost a year, but we haven't heard from them in months. They were sent to undermine the military atheist regime with rumors that the government's "atheism" was really just suppressing other faiths in service of Gorum, the god of war. In order to reestablish contact with the spy, the party sneaks into Avendale, with Aldeberan playing the role of Pritchard the poultry merchant, Ktihdi pulls the cart, and Samara and Narsius play his guards.

At the border, the guards give the party a 7 day visa that allows them to travel to the capital and back, without deviating from the marked roads. They take the proscribed course to the capital, and arrive unmolested. In the capital, they go to an inn that the spy mentioned in her communications with Kallasport. After cagey introductions, the innkeep tells them that the spy hasn't been seen for a few weeks, and that they fear she was arrested. He offers to introduce them at a resistance meeting the next night, where they can plan a prison break.

However, the party has their own plan. They sneak over to the prison that very night. Ktihdi easily climbs the walls, then drops a rope for the others. They follow her up, dispose of a few guards, and make their way into the prison. Samara takes out several more guards with her crossbow, and they make it down to the third floor. Samara shoots another of the patrolling guards, and before the other guard can turn around, Aldeberan is impersonating the fallen patrolman. Aldeberan lures the remaining guard into crossbow range, and with that, they are in the clear.

They quickly find the spy, huddled in her cell, beaten and malnourished. Barely conscious, she is strapped to Ktihdi's back. Down the hall, the other prisoners are clamoring from release, nad the party obliges them. With 60 freed prisoners in tow, the party creeps back upstairs. Aldeberan creates an illusory fire down the hall to lure away some guards, and they make their break. As they cross the prison yard, guards begin to fire down from the walls and form a line in front of the gate. Samara returns fire to the wall guards, and Ktihdi bowls into the line of guards, while Aldeberan quickly heals those who have been shot. The line of guards doesn't last long against the party with their mass of prisoners, and soon they are out the gate.

The party decides to leave town that night before news can spread. Ktihdi leaves separately, as she is too recognizable, climbing over the city walls and making her way home through the forest. The rest of the party leaves on Pritchard's cart, selling a few of their birds to the innkeep on their way out. 

The Boarwood Portal

A research team arrives from Sevenarches, explaining that they've made a breakthrough in studying the portals. They party heads to Sevenarches to try reading the inscription from a newly discovered tablet. When they read the inscription, one of the portals activates, and they see snippets of a forest through the opening before the portal flickers into inactivity. After a second reading, they try running through the portal, but feel themselves inexorably pushed back. They try many variations, riding horses through, grabbing the sides of the portal as they enter, even going backwards. With each attempt, there is a flash of light far to the east. Eventually, it is decided that they must head east on foot to find the other end of this portal.

The pass the Galtan border aboard a small riverboat, this time with Aldeberan under the guise of Prichado the poultry merchant. Aside from a brief encounter with some starving bandits on the riverbank, they reach the Boarwood without much trouble. They send a raven back to Sevenarches to get the portal powered up one more time, so they can use the flash to locate this end of the portal.

As the approach the portal, they see that an armed encampment has sprung up around the fort, and the soldiers inside fire arrows when they approach. A smaller camp along the road explains that the men currently holding the portal serve the Revolutionary Council, and won't let anyone else approach the portal. The people at this smaller camp are members of the Guiding Light, a group hoping to install a new government in Galt modeled after the Andoran republic.

The party leaves to scout the outskirts of the fortified camp, and come across yet another small camp. After tense introductions, they realize these people are Lion Blades from Taldor, and they bond over this shared connection. The Lion Blades agree to help the party try to take control of the portal, but first they continue scouting the edges of the palisades. Narsius's homunculus scouts overhead and notices a staircase leading down below the portal, while Eora sees yet another camp of soldiers on the other side of a small creek. When their scouts report back, the party decides that the soldiers at the new camp are probably from Cheliax, and decide to ambush them with help from the Lion Blades.

Disguised as a peasant, Samra runs up to the fortified camp and tells them there's a Chellish camp just past the creek, and a small force sorties out to attack the Chellish. When the Galtans are almost upon the Chellish camp, they hear screams from back withing their own camp, and are struck with indecision about whether to return or proceed with their attack. The Chellish catch them unawares, and several Galtans are cut down before Ktihdi, Samara and the Lions Blades can flank the Chellish soldiers. Meanwhile, Aldeberan sneaks into the camp to see what all the screaming is about, he figures out that it's coming from the staircase, and rejoins the group as they mop up the Chellish camp.

After a brief interrogation, the group heads downstairs, quickly recognizing the statues of fleeing soldiers for what they are: the work of a basilisk. The basislisk quickly pounces, and most of the party enters the fray blindfolded, to avoid meeting the same fate as the soldiers. Aldeberan uses glitterdust to blind the beast, and Ktihdi unleashes magical screams which sunder its eyes. Weakened thus, Samara and the Lions Blades finish the beast from afar wih their crossbow fire. With the beast dead and torches lit, they discover it was not only a basilisk, but a dracolisk, one parent a basilisk, another a green dragon. They spread its blood over several petrified Galtan soldiers, which restores them to flesh, and the restored commander is especially grateful.

The party is now met with a magical barrier. After some testing and deduction, they realize the barrier only blocks warm-blooded creatures. Conveniently, warm blood only accounts for roughly half the party, so Ktihdi and Bartleby Beetesworth walk right though and investigate the library and crystal room. Meanwhile, Samara finishes disabling the barrier with help from a crowbar and a dose of enlarge person. They collect a book from the library and several stone tablets, all written in old Elvish, along with some enchanted swords and chainmail from the armory, before heading back to Kallasport. They arrange for the Lion Blades to hold the location until Sir Achille Parsall can bring a batallion to secure it for the long term.

Return to Taldor

After the party returns from Galt, they decide to start bringing food and order to Galt, since most of the country is in utter anarchy. Several cities and even more of the rural outskirts are swayed into joining the Commonwealth.

After  several months of this, in the middle of the night, Samara and Ktihdi awake in their quarters in the castle. The hear shouting upstairs, and find two dead guards outside Dormarion's room. Inside, they find Magni fighting an assassin, and Dormarion wounded and leaning against a wall for support. Ktihdi joins the fray, and Dormarion summons the strength the join her, each dealing blows to the assassin. Samara fires her crossbow from the doorway, getting in some key shots. Aldeberan wakes to the sound of bells, and after a quick casting of Haste arrives at the royal quarters moments after the others. The assassin manages to throw a poisoned dagger into Ktihdi's face, and over the course of the fight the poison become debilitating. When it become clear he is losing this fight, the assassin quaffs a potion of invisility, but before he can move, Magni tackles him. Aldeberan highlights the assailant's features with glitterdust, and Dormarion cuts off a hand for good measure.

The subdued assassin quickly loses consciousness, and his body and clothing are searched. Samara finds an old Galtan flag sewn into his jacket, and Aldeberan mentions that his accent was Galtan. Yet the accent seemed overdone, and Dormarion mentions that his weapons look to be recently made in a flamboyant Galtan style, which no one in Galt has been crafting for years. Almost as if he wanted to appear to be sent from Galt. Samara also discovers scarring on the back of his neck which seems to be intentionally obscured. It all stinks of Chellish intrigue, and armed with this knowledge, the party confirms this when he wakes.

The party decides to send word to neighboring kingdoms that Cheliax is acting more boldly than usual. The next day, their messenger returns early from Kyonin, having heard on the way that queen Telandia was attacked as well, and is now in critical condition. Worried for his aunt, Dormarion arranges to set out for Kyonin by the end of the day. When they arrive in Kyonin, Telandia is in critical condition. Aldeberan gives her doctors some bardic encouragement, and by the end of the day, her health is already improving. Telandia explains that the the whispers about her lack of an heir are already growing more insistent, and names Dormarion her heir, since he has proven himself a competent ruler more so than any of his older cousins.

Days after their return to Kallasport, the party also receives word that Koran Goss, head of Galt's Revolutionary Council, is dead. The remaining Council members are fighting to replace him, while what is left of the military supports the charismatic captain Leon Tanabon, and the Guiding Light is also making moves towards the capital. The party decides to send arms and mercenaries to aid the Guiding Light, seeing them as the best way forward for Galt.

Before they can see their Galtan machinations play out, more dire news reaches the party. Kerian, their old Lion Blade commander, arrives with word that Grand Prince Stavian III is dead, and that Dormarion is needed in Taldor to help convince the Senate to confirm Eutropia as heir. Thus, the party heads back to Taldor, to finally complete the mission they were given five years ago.

Passing through the port of Cassomir, they hear the town crier announcing that Cheliax has already begun invading Andoran, whose leader has also been assassinated. It is becoming clear that each assassin was garbed and trained to represent another nation, so that all five victims would be at each others throats when Cheliax struck. In Taldor there are rumors of war with the Kelesh Empire, which many blame for the killing of the grand prince. 

Arriving in Oppara is an awkward homecoming, as the city is clearly both mourning and mobilizing for war. Dormarion is rushed the the palace to finally meet Eutropia, with whom he has been informally betrothed for several years. Fortunately, Dormarion turns on the charm, and the two hit it off quickly. Upon the party's arrival, 18 Senators are committed to confirming Eutropia as heir, and 24 support her second cousin Vors Mikelos. Samara sends out spies to study the Senators who are on the fence, while Aldeberan hatches a plot to undermine Vors's credibility in the upper classes. That evening, Aldeberan disguises himself as Vors and goes carousing in some of the least reputable drinking establishments in town. Bay afternoon the next day, Vors has lost the votes of two of his supporters. Samara meets with four Senators who want something built in their territories, respectively a mint, an arena, a cathedral, and a magical academy. Samara declines to commit to any of the porkbarrel spending until later into the voting process.

Two days later, Dormarion appears before the Senate himself, and delivers an impassioned speech, reminding the Senators of the legend he embodies and the glory that he and Eutropia can bring to a proud aging empire. By the end of the day, Eutropia is only four votes short of the 31 she needs to be confirmed. Aldeberan and Samara go to the pliable Senators and agree to build the magical academy, the cathedral to Erastil, and the arena (provided no slaves are forced to fight in it), but they balk and the corruption that might result from giving a single Senator control of a mint. Needing one more vote, they visit Zaato Corelian, the lion of the Senate, who is known for being a tie-breaking vote. Aldeberan convinces him of the historical importance of confirming the princess at this critical time in Taldor's life, and reflecting on how close he is to retirement, Zaato agrees that this will be a fitting close to his political career.

With Zaato and the 3 extra votes that swing with him, Eutropia is confirmed with 34-26, and she is crowned within the week. Preparations are already underway for her wedding to Dormarion, although exactly what the nature of their political relationship is still undetermined…

Wheeling and Dealing
A Constitution for the Commonwealth

Following three assassinations, two attempted assassinations, and one wedding, Dormarion and the party need to do something at a grander scale. Finally fulfilling the promise inherent in the Commonwealth, they set out to write a constitution. And every nation that saw the daggers of Chelish assassins is invited.

A convention is organized in Absalom, widely seen as neutral ground and a befittingly grand location for an event designed to change the world. In attendance are delegates from Andoran, Taldor, Galt, Kyonin, the existing Commonwealth, and a few independent River Kingdoms. On the trip to Absalom, the party becomes suspicious of Lord Irovetti of Pitax, who has long been dogged by rumors that he seized power in his small river kingdom through the use of a magical artifact. However, before the party can act on their suspicions, things get under way. After a brief tour of the city, the delegates are brought to a grand hall in which to conduct their negotiations.

Dormarion opens the event by suggesting that Cheliax's attacks on their heads of state and subsequent aggressions against Andoran have tied their fates together. Cheliax clearly intends to extend their diabolical reach over their old imperial holdings and beyond, and none of these realms can fight them alone. But beyond this, joining together can protect them against future aggression, increase trade, and improve the lives of their citizens. The military point is accepted quickly, but most at the table are skeptical of his later stipulations.

Still, they are at least willing to humor him if it means allies in the coming war against Cheliax. The discussions start with a debate of principles around which their union should operate. The theme of growing together emerges quickly, implying that they can benefit from cooperation but that each is coming from a distinctive history. Some, particularly Andoran and Taldor, still feel that the differences between their cultures needs recognition, and the party is able to portray this as an ideal of diversity. Everyone agrees that their union ought to combat the influence of Hell in the material world, and this becomes their final ideal of combating evil. 

After this broad discussion of ideals, they dive into the details. They start with trade policy, since the party expects that to be one of he main selling points of membership in this new expanded Commonwealth. They determine to generally follow principles of free trade, especially between the present realms, trade with realms recognized as evil will be restricted, and the legality of individual goods will be determined by individual realms. A parliament will be formed of representatives sent from each realm, in numbers reflecting the populations of each realm (this last point was popular with Taldor and Andoran, the two most populous realms).

Following this was a discussion of titles, succession, and aristocracy, most of which had the liberal Andorans and Galtan bristling. Of particular concern for them was the decision that Dormarion would be known as High King of the Commonwealth and that this title would be hereditary, although the parliament would have a role in confirming his heir. 

After this it was Taldor's turn to grumble, as the discussion turned to slavery. Most of the delegates despised slavery, yet Taldor protested that their economy was heavily dependent upon it. This division threatened to end the discussion entirely, but with Eutropia's help as a forward looking Taldan voice, they were finally able to compromise that slavery would be phased out over the course of three years, with immediate protections being made for the rights and lives of slaves in the interim. In the event that Taldor's economy was threatened, the might of the Commonwealth's magical researchers will be put towards developing cheap constructs and other labor saving devices.

After addressing the issue of slavery, the conference turned to issues of movement and citizenship. The network of elf gates, several of which were already under Commonwealth control, would be administered by a new Portal Authority, led by an elven appointee to assuage Kyonin's worry of losing control of one of their greatest assets. Commonwealth citizenship is extended to all sentient beings who ask for it, although in the case of ogres and the like they will need testimony of their good intentions. Citizens will be allowed largely free migration within the Commonwealth, although migration to a particular realm may be restricted by a waiting period, this to again assuage the elves who feared being outnumbered in their own homeland.

It was around this point that Primarch Gyrr of Absalom appeared in the chamber. Having been informed of the potentially advantageous conference happening in his city, he asked to join the discussions. He voiced a particular interest in the trade and free migration provisions, but showed worry in a revival of the elf gates which might cut his traditional hub of a city out of the regions trade routes. The conference welcomed teh addition of this gem of the Inner Sea, and pledged to find a way to add Absalom into the portal network, perhaps using the old Spire of Nex that still towered over the city. With the potential addition of Absalom to their ranks, the delegates quickly agreed that it should be the capital of their union, given its central location and cultural importance. 

The major remaining issue was the army, both in the longer term and how to address the Chelish invasion of Andoran. Each realm showed misgivings about handing too much of their existing military forces over to a central authority, so it was decided that the Commonwealth would create a new standing army, but would have the power to bring half of the realms' soldiers under central command should the Commonwealth be in a state of war.

With these major points hammered out, Lord Irovetti rose as if to speak. The party recognized this as his attempt to seize power, but before they could act he had activated the Rod of Rulership hidden in his cane. Most of the room came under his control, and he began to command that his name be inserted into key places in the constitution. Fortunately, three key players had resisted his influence. Ktihdi leapt over an Andoran ambassador to knock Irovetti out of his chair, but he kept hold of his cane. Dormarion drew his sword and chopped down onto his wrist, but still he held the insidious stick. But just when it looked like the petty king would turn things around, Aldeberan cast a simple spell, and Irovetti's now greasy rod slipped from his grasp. The room was immediately freed from his spell, and his was hustled off to a cell.

Dormarion capitalized on the drama of the moment to argue for a quick ratification, and within minutes all those present had signed the document. With the constitution as official as they could make it, Dormarion concluded the day be declaring: "ladies and gentlemen, we are at war."

Commonwealth Constitution


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Constitution of the Commonwealth of Realms

We the representatives of Taldor, Absalom, Kyonin, Andoran, the Kingdoms of the Rivers, and Galt in order to grow stronger together in our diversity and in opposition to the evils of this world, do establish this Constitution for the Commonwealth of Realms.

Article I – The Parliament

  1. The Parliament shall be composed of representatives chosen every fourth year by the governing bodies of the Realms.

  2. This representation shall be apportioned among the Realms on the basis of the number of citizens in those Realms, as determined by an octennial census.

  3. All members of this Parliament, regardless of other titles held, shall be referred to as Representative during Parliamentary meetings.

  4. Meetings of Parliament shall be held in the city of Absalom on the isle of Kortos. Such meetings will occur once every second month, and persist for a period of two weeks unless circumstances shall warrant extension.

Article II – The Executive

  1. The executive power shall be vested in Dormarion Setoanbou, who is descended of Caeserion and who is known as The Elven Heir, and to his legal heir upon his death or abdication.

  2. Dormarion and his heirs shall hold the title High King of the Commonwealth, with the exception of address at Parliamentary meetings, at which he shall be called First Citizen.

  3. Inheritance of the title of High King of the Commonwealth shall be designated by the High King among cognatic kin, with the consent of Parliament.

  4. The High King shall hold the city of Kallasport and the surrounding lands as a personal demesne.

  5. The High King shall appoint councillors, with the consent of Parliament, who shall aid in the governance of the Commonwealth.

Article III – Relations Between the Realms and the Commonwealth

  1. If laws of the Realms and the Commonwealth are found to conflict, the law of the Commonwealth shall overrule that of the Realms.

  2. Final determination in matters of foreign policy is to be assumed by the Commonwealth.

  3. Realms shall bring together the sum of their economy , loyalty and stability in the governing of the Commonwealth.

Article IV – People of the Commonwealth

  1. Three years after the drafting of this constitution, no Person in the Commonwealth shall be held in slavery. During the three years intervening, the rights and lives of enslaved Persons shall be protected.

  2. All Persons born, freed, or resident for a number of years determined by their Realm shall be citizens of the Commonwealth. Others may apply for citizenship upon proof of residency and testimony of character.

  3. All titles of nobility and the privileges thereto pertaining shall persist within the borders of their respective Realms. Titles and privileges may be respected in other Realms upon demonstration of great goodwill and philanthropy to the people of the Commonwealth.

  4. Migration and travel between Realms of the Commonwealth shall be open, except where tradition or circumstance may reasonably restrict the movement of Persons.

  5. The Commonwealth shall be responsible for maintaining reserves of sufficient food for consumption in the event of famine in any region of the Commonwealth.

Article V – Trade

  1. The general policy of the Commonwealth will be one of free trade.

  2. Trade shall be restricted with realms and peoples which are reasonably deemed an evil of the world.

  3. Governments of the Realms shall decide whether to allow particular goods and services to be traded within their borders.

  4. Ownership of firearm weapons shall be restricted to those holding permits issued by the Commonwealth.

  5. Traffic through the elven aiudara shall be controlled and monitored by the Portal Authority. The head of the Portal Authority shall be appointed by the government of Kyonin with the consent of Parliament.

Article VI – Religion

  1. All benign religions and cults shall be tolerated and may be practiced without impediment.

  2. Practicing the traditions of malignant religion shall not be tolerated and may be punished by law.

Article VII – Military

  1. The Commonwealth shall maintain a standing army of at least one soldier to every one thousand Commonwealth citizens, to be used in defending Commonwealth lands or in pursuit of just casus belli.

  2. Each Realm of the Commonwealth shall maintain standing armies of at least one soldier to every five hundred of that Realm’s citizens.

  3. In circumstances of emergency, the Commonwealth may assume control of the armies of the Realms.

Article VIII – Mode of Amendment

  1. The Parliament, if a majority of the Representatives deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution. An Amendment may be ratified with two thirds of the Representatives in Parliament in addition to the consent of the High King, or with four fifths of the Representatives.


Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the Realms present the twenty eighth day of Arodus in the year four thousand seven hundred fifteen Aroden Reckoning, in Witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our Names,

Kallasport {

Dormarion Setoanbou, High King of the Commonwealth

Aldeberan Kitaru, Grand Diplomat

Narsius Dolmi, Royal Alchemist

Sir Achille Parsall, General, Lord of Liberthane, Mayor of Redarch

Ktihdi, Marshall

Samara, Special Advisor

Taldor {

Eutropia, Grand Princess of Taldor

Zaato Corelian, Senator of Taldor

Toan Yabguid, Senator of Taldor

Kyonin {

Telandia Edasseril, Queen of Kyonin

Andoran {

Jarlisa Hermedas, Voice of the People of Andoran

George Clymer, Supreme Vicar of Andoran

Galt {

Leon Tanabon, President of Galt

…… Prime Minister of Galt

Guillome Bordubois, Senator or Galt

Kingdoms of the Rivers {

Marto Livondar, Mayor of Daggermark

Dela Morgayn, Lady of Gralton

Raston Selline, Mayor of Mivon

Esmet Silkenlock, Mayor of Sevenarches

Castruccio Irovetti, Lord Mayor of Pitax

Absalom {

Gyr of House Gyxx, Primarch of Absalom

Chelish War Begins
Relieving the Siege

With the ink still drying on their constitution, the forces of the Commonwealth rally to the defense of Andoran. The armies of Taldor and Andoran join together in the Andoran countryside, along with a small covert force of Absalom's First Guard.

As the main force advances to relieve the besieged city of Augustana, Aldeberan and Samara split off with a small contingent of soldiers and scholars to look for the elf-gate rumored to stand somewhere in the Arthfell Forest. With intelligence gathering by Aldeberan and scouting by Samara, the team finds the elf-gate in a matter of days. Some of the scholars stay behind to study the gate and find a way to bring troops through it.

The combined Andoran and Taldan forces advance on the besiegers, hidden by a large hill. They see over four thousand soldiers in the Chelish army, along with imps and erinyes harrying Augustana's defenders. The Commonwealth's forces outnumber the besiegers, and they have the element of surprise. The main force gathers to the south of the besiegers, still hidden by a hill.

Aldeberan's Bardic Corps rides out to the east, weaving an illusion of an army raining arrows upon the besieging forces. The Chelish Hellknights and other cavalry charge towards the illusory army, and the Bardic Outriders begin to withdraw to keep the cavalry occupied. As parts of the Chelish army stretch out from their siege camps, the Commonwealth's main force charges down the hill and smashes into their disorganized ranks.

Many Chelish levies fall before they can organize a defensive line, but the advantage is already clear. Several ducal battalions break, but their hellish allies fare better. The erinyes are able to snatch up some of the Eagle Knights, although through the smiting of several paladins, the spellwork of their new High King, and the enraged leaping of a certain large spider the erinyes are eventually taken out of the sky. 

The Chelish Imperial Legion manage to hold formation, and for hours the Commonwealth hammers away at them. The Legion even manages to slay several hundred of the Taldan Phalanx during their defense. but after all the other Chelish forces are dead or broken, the 2000 Legionnaires are surrounded and slowly ground down. 

With the siege won and the core of the Chelish army defeated, Dormarion stands atop the walls of Augustana. He calls for advancement into Chelish borders, and an end to the diabolical Thrune regime. High on their resounding victory, the army and the people of Augustana cheer for the end of their hellish neighbor.

Just minutes after his speech, Dormarion summons his council with a special mission. They are to infiltrate the enemy's borders and prepare for an invasion in just 46 hours.

Taking Citadel Krane
A Strike into Cheliax

After the battle of Augustana, Dormarion tasked the council with slipping through Cheliax's borders to sabotage their defenses. The archdukes and generals who escaped this battle are expected to regroup in Citadel Krane, a Hellknight headquarters overlooking the southeastern border of Cheliax and the ducal capital of Ostenso. The council's instructions are to reach Citadel Krane, and use four scrolls of Symbol of Sealing to seal the entrances to the citadel, trapping the armies' commanders inside while the Commonwealth army makes its first strike into Chelish territory.

Aldeberan and Narsius disguise themselves as retreating Chelish soldiers, and thus monitor the plans of the fleeing army. The more conspicuous members of the council slip through the mountains along the border, avoiding human patrols who would doubtless call the alarm for a catwoman, halfling and giant spider.

Once they arrive in Ostenso, Aldeberan makes contact with a member of the Twilight Talons, Andoran's espionage wing, and she informs him of some details of the citadel and potential allies in the region. In particular, the Bellflower Network who smuggle halfling slaves to freedom, and the Glorious Reclamation who run a guerilla force of paladins within southeastern Cheliax. Unfortunately, on the tight schedule that the council must keep, they may not have time to meet with these other allies before the invasion.

After this meeting, Aldeberan and Narsius find a safe place to magically look in on the other half of the party during wha they have dubbed Scry Noon. Eora audibly describes their location and guides Aldeberan and Narsius to them. After this, the group sneaks through the woods to Citadel Krane.

They reconnoiter the citadel, first with an invisible Samara and then with a magically shrunken homunculus courtesy of Narsius. During their reconnaissance, they notice a prison in the first basement level, and a rune inscribed door a the second basement level. They also discover that the dwarven Master of Blades Tros Gharvost might be amenable to their cause. Finally, they learn that at dawn the next morning, a Hellknight recruitment ritual will place many high-ranking observers in one of the basement chambers. 

Armed with this knowledge, they get some much needed rest in a clearing nearby. In the wee hours the morning, Ktihdi is awoken by an armored man wandering into their camp. He reveals himself to be a paladin of the Glorious Reclamation, informed of their presence by the Twilight Talon spy. He offers to bring his fellow paladins as support for their operation, and the group suggests that they might be most useful in shepherding away the released prisoners.

Already awake, the party decides to finalize the preparations for their operation. Just as they're finishing up, they hear a carriage driving down the nearby road, towards the citadel. The follow the carriage to see who emerges. They see several men in military uniforms, two women, all quite aristocratic, but what most strikes them is one large, black-haired man who everyone is calling General. Aldeberan recognized this as Gorthoklek, the pit fiend who has adviser all the heads of House Thrune.

Undettered, the party continues their plan, Ktihdi and Eora split off and plant packets of Narsius's bombs at key locations around the structure of the citadel. The rest of the council follows the party of dignitaries into the citadel (invisible of course) and down the to lowest basement level. One robed dignitary asks to see the Gallery, and Samara and Narsius slip in behind him to discover one of the largest depositories of magical and divine artifacts in the world: the Godless Gallery. Tossing everything they see into a handy haversack, they rejoin Aldeberan and Ktihdi who are keeping watch on the dignitaries preparing to watch The Test. Once the attendants have sealed the door so the test can begin, Samara and Eroa stab the attendants to they won't be disturbed. The party then activates a Symbol of Sealing on the door, preventing it from opening for 12 hours. The party then heads upstairs to free the prisoners (those who don't seem too dangerous) and Aldeberan goes to negotiate with Tros Gharvost to change his order's allegiance or watch it be destroyed. After some convincing he relents, and ushers his subordinates outside.

With all the Hellknights outside (aside from those locked in the basement), the party detonates the changes and collapses the building. The Glorious Reclamation take this as their signal, and swoop in to take the Hellknights prisoner. In one case this swooping is literal, as their Lord Mashal Alexandretta rides in on the back of a gold dragon, cowing any Hellknights who considered resistance.

With their generals trapped and the local Hellknights neutralized, the initial invasion of Cheliax by the Commonwealth goes off without a hitch, particularly with a gold dragon flying over the battle striking fear in the hearts of those pledged to Hell.


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