The Taldan Claim

A Dinner with Exiles

The Trip to Gralton

The city of Gralton is made up of exiles from the 30 year revolution in Galt. The ruling council and mayor are split over whether to wait the revolution out, reintegrate with Galt diplomatically, or invade (and what to do with the revolutionaries once they're back). Dormarion sends the party (who are by now the core of his council) to Gralton to offer aid in reclaiming their homeland if they will join the Commonwealth.

The group meets with the governor of Gralton, who is willing to join the Commonwealth, but can't act without support of the council. During a meeting with the council, divisions between the councilors become clear, and the party is asked to return tomorrow while the council finds a position they can agree on.

That evening, a messenger from Kallasport informs the group that Lord Tarne (a Gralton noble) has 500 men and plans to march on Galt in a matter of days. The men are under-equipped and poorly trained, with no chance of successfully retaking Galt. Dormarion asks the party to stop this invasion from taking place.

The party spends the night spying on Halidan Tarne and the more warlike council members after Tarne's letters reveal that he is allied with one of the councilors. They discover plans for a secret meeting that very night, at the Black Gardens. The party formulates a plan to incapacitate Tarne with a poison, then Aldeberan will impersonate him at the midnight meeting.

Aldeberan casts Alter Self as he enters the meeting, where he finds the councilor with a priestess of Calistria and a hired assassin. The councilor reveals that the assassin was hired to kill several other members of the council, then pin it on Galt. Aldeberan decides to pay the assassin to kill the party first, in the hopes they can ambush him in their rooms. The assassin agrees, then receives a blessing of Calistria to guide his hand in vengeance.

Back at the inn, the rest of the party is uncomfortable with the plan, but knowing the assassin is coming anyway, they decide to make the best of it. They lay down traps in the room, with Aldeberan in the hallway as lookout, Narsius hiding in a corner, Ktihdi on the ceiling, and Samara on the roof of the next building over.

The assassin creeps in, immediately steps on Samara's caltrops and is quickly overwhelmed by attacks from all sides. Despite the divine rage guiding his hand, the assassin is  subdued and even convinced to join the Commonwealth intelligence service. 

With Caldwell the assassin in tow, the party goes to speak to the council the next day and sees the conspirators arrested and the city of Gralton admitted to the Commonwealth. What's more, on their way out, a young halfling approached Ktihdi asking to become her squire. Dormarion knighted Ktihdi upon their return, making her the first knight of the Commonwealth, and responsible for the first squire of the Commonwealth, Eora Proudfoot.


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