The Taldan Claim

A Doctrinal Dispute

Just across the Lake from Kallasport sits Riverton, home of Narael Twice-Born, mad devotee of the river god Hanspur. Aldeberan has been spreading a new version of Hanspur's faith in which ritual drownings are only symbolic, not lethal. Narael doesn't appreciate this heresy, and has asked Dormarion to discuss this on neutral ground – the middle of the lake.

The meeting turns out to be an ambush, and the two boats engage each other. Dormarion, his bodyguard Magni, and Ktihdi all jump over to the other ship, and with supporting fire from Narsius and Samara they quickly bring down the mad cleric and his acolytes. The remaining forces surrender, and Riverton is added to the Commonwealth by virtue of a dead mayor.


karzmark karzmark

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