The Taldan Claim

A Grisly Duel

The town of Artume has been surrounded by the borders of the Commonwealth for over a year. The young king and his mother had to flee after the regent staged a coup. Samara and Aldeberan have managed to track down the dowager queen and get her support in challenging the former regent. Dormarion demands the regent surrender to the rightful king, but the aging man will only do so after single combat.

Ktihdi is named Dormarion's champion, and the group sets about prepping her for the duel. She is shielded, strengthened, inspired, and perhaps most importantly, enlarged. The duel is over in seconds, with Ktihdi sustaining a few wounds before she impales the regent's head on her sting.

The boy king is reinstalled with his mother as regent, and Ktihdi gains a fearsome reputation.


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