The Taldan Claim

An Arch Adventure

After a few months getting to know everyone and helping lay the foundations of Kallasport, Dormarion suggest a mission for the group. Sevenarches, oldest settlement in the River Kingdoms and hub of elven portals, has been occupied by druids who have banned all elves from the region. The group is asked to go to Sevenarches to at least secure passage for elves in their territory, hopefully to even convince them to join Dormarion's budding Commonwealth.

As druids guide them into Sevenarches, the group is set upon by wolves. With the help of the druids, the group is able to strike the wolves down, but the fact that the attack occurred at all clearly unnerves the druids. The town is on edge when they arrive, but the archdruid is uncomfortable discussing the situation with a group so affiliated with the elves, and he laughs at the idea of joining the fledgling Commonwealth. He offers to speak with them again tomorrow, but the group is not confident in their chances.

As they leave the meeting, a goat-legged man waves them over. His name is Crispix, and he tells them of a splinter group of druids aligned with the winter courts of fey who have been attacking the town. He offers to give them three horses (Ktihdi obviously not needing one) that will take them to the base of this splinter group. They accept his offer.

A few hours out from town, Samara's horse runs off into the woods, taking her with it. It turns out to be a Kelpie, and tries to drown her in a river before the others can arrive. With Samara swigging Narsius's potions and Ktihdi braving the water to fight the beast, they manage to bring down the Kelpie. Its corpse is duly pickled.

Assuming they've been betrayed, the group heads back to town to confront Crispix. When they arrive, the town is being attacked by the Wild Hunt. The group slays many an ice wolf, and even a Cold Rider of the Hunt (thanks to a well placed bomb from Narsius), then makes their way to the stalbe. They save Cripix from a corrupted treant, and decide to spare him after he explains that the winter court forced him to send them out with a Kelpie.

In the center of town, the group finds a melee of druids, many of them in the form of various animals. Spying the ones with tufts of strange fur as the shadow druids, the group joins the fray, dispatching or subduing all the shadow druids in the courtyard. Entering the town hall, the group finds the archdruid and the head of the splinter group fighting at the end of the hall, and Ktihdi helps bring down the remaining shadow druids. Wounded but alive, the archdruid agrees to join the Commonwealth and allow elves into the tonn once more.


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