Dormarion Setoanbou

The fabled Elven Heir, grandson of the lovechild of a Taldan prince and an Osirian princess


Three thousand years ago, the heir to Taldor and a princess of Osirion fell in love. Just months after their marriage, the Pharaohs of Osirion were crushed by a Keleshite invasion, and they went into hiding in the elven kingdom of Kyonin to avoid Keleshite assassins. A few generations of elven marriages later (including some into the elven royal line), Dormarion has emerged to claim the legend of the Elven Heir.

He is protected by Magni, the last surviving member of the line of Ulfen Guard who accompanied the hiding prince and princess in Kyonin.

Dormarion is a gifted warrior in his own right, blending quick swordplay and destructive magic in a union reminiscent of the Kelshite tradition of dancing dervishes.

Dormarion Setoanbou

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