Princess and hopeful heir of Taldor


Princess Eutropia is the only child to the Grand Prince of Taldor, Stavian III.

A strong-willed woman, Princess Eutropia intends to inherit the throne upon the death of her father. Such an act would be against the law of Taldor however, as the nation follows the rules of primogeniture, and thus only male heirs are able to take the crown. Despite this, Eutropia has grown disgusted with the stagnation of Taldor and intends to force the nation into the modern world, even if that requires taking power by force. Many fear that this could result in a civil war that the nation cannot afford, but Eutropia disagrees, and has been building support among the Senate.

She resides in Oppara in the district of Seven Towers.

While her father is a dabbler in the magical arts, Eutropia is a more devoted student, having even briefly attended training at the Arcanamirium in Absalom.


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